Great cooperation of University of Western Macedonia with Huawei – Students will be trained in its academy

Signed on Monday 13 December, in the Senate Hall of the University of Western Macedonia (PDM), by the Rector of the University of Western Macedonia Theodoros Theodoulidis and Chen Qingwei, EVP Huawei South Balkan Region, the participation of the University of Western Macedonia in the international program Huawei ICT Academy. This program is implemented through Laboratory of Networks and Advanced Services of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ΗΜΜΥ), under the direction of An. Professor Malamatis Louta.

In his welcome, The Rector of PDM noted that the signing of the current memorandum is an initial step and the University looks forward to further collaborations, not only with Huawei, but also with other technology companies, in order to enhance the transfer of know-how to the region of Western Macedonia.

Mr.. Chen referred to the innovations being developed in the PDM, while, during his short visit to the city of Kozani, distinguished many possibilities for more collaborations, not only within the ICT Huawei Academy, but also in the field of Green Energy and the Innovation Zone. He noted, that Huawei together with the University of Western Macedonia can bridge the gap between students and industry needs. also, stated that the creation of the ICT Academy is an important first example of Huawei’s determination and commitment to the goal of jointly cultivating talent in the field of  ICT through partnerships..

THE Huawei, global leader and provider of IT infrastructure and smart devices & Communications (ICT) provides complete solutions in four key areas: telecommunications networks, information technology, smart devices and cloud services. The University of Western Macedonia, is one of the first Higher Education Institutions in Greece with which Huawei cooperates, thus strengthening its interconnection with industry and the labor market.

The Laboratory of Networks and Advanced Services (TELNAS) of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ΗΜΜΥ) of the University of Western Macedonia focuses on introducing intelligence, cognitive functions and adaptability capabilities in communications and computer networks and services, as well as in the export of knowledge and its transformation into personalized information providing solutions to complex problems in various application areas.

The initiative Huawei ICT Academy is a non-profit partnership of Huawei with educational institutions around the world and aims to knowledge provision, the Skills Development and certification of the students, which have a direct impact on industry and the labor market. The program was instituted in 2015, is led by Huawei and implemented through an extensive international network of Academies and Professors – students.

Through the Academy, University students have the opportunity to attend classes, as well as to participate in the respective certification exams. Education is provided free of charge and covers specialized and rapidly developing areas related to University subjects., like the Artificial Intelligence (ΑΙ), the Internet of Things (ΙοΤ), the Infrastructure Cloud Computing, the Management Big Data, the Wireless networks (Wireless Networks), the Information Systems Security, the 5G technologies, and Data Communications (Data Communications, Routing and Switching).

Students will have access to modern technologies, standard industrial equipment and ICT industry simulation tools and receive extensive theoretical and practical training online – offline courses, as well as additional educational material. For their participation in Huawei certification exams in the taught subjects, you will be given a discount coupon or even the opportunity to participate for free.

In addition, through the Academy students will be able to participate in international competitions, such as ICT Competition, organized every year by Huawei, claiming corresponding distinctions. Depending on their performance, will receive employment opportunities or / and scholarships from Huawei.

Another goal of Huawei ICT Academy is to select talented students for the digital transformation of business. Through the initiative ICT Talent Alliance Job Fair, organized through the program, the direct connection of students and companies active in the field of ICT is achieved.

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