Pharos Anniversary - Virtual Celebration

In 2019, IIE in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs launched the International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP) Greece. The primary objective of IAPP Greece is to increase and support the number of sustainable U.S. – Greek academic partnerships, including student mobility, joint research, faculty exchange, and more. To achieve this goal, the program focuses on: 1. Enhancing knowledge of U.S. and Greek higher education systems, 2. Providing tools and resources for developing a partnership strategy, 3. Creating opportunities, both virtual and in-person, to convene both sides and strengthen ties between potential partners.

In November 2022, delegates from universities and governments of both countries convened in Greece for the Pharos Summit. This weeklong event included site visits to all 24 public Greek universities, the Presidential Mansion in Athens, and the U.S. Embassy in Greece.

Embrace the luminous tapestry of academic synergy and global kinship as we commemorate the inaugural anniversary of the “Pharos Summit 2022: Greek – U.S. Collaboration in Higher Education”. This event promises to be a momentous occasion that transcends borders and ignites the spirit of cooperation between US and Greek Higher Education Institutions. 

About the Event:

This virtual celebration will mark a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to foster sustainable academic partnerships between U.S. and Greek higher education institutions. It is not just a mere reflection on the past; it’s a powerful testament to our commitment to the future. It symbolizes the unwavering dedication of both nations to elevate the realm of higher education, push boundaries, and explore uncharted territories in academia. 

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the collaborative efforts and accomplishments of our institutions, as well as to share ideas, and present our plans for the exciting future of the Greek – U.S. Collaboration in Higher Education.

Live Stream


14th November 2023

Remarks from Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports of the Hellenic Republic

Remarks from the U.S. Ambassador to Greece, George J. Tsunis

Remarks from Allan Goodman, CEO, IIE 

Update from Christos Michalakelis, President, Study in Greece 

Update from Artemis Zenetou, Executive Director, Fulbright Greece 

Progress to Date: IIE Center for International Partnerships team 

Partnership Progress Reports: Joint presentations from 4 Greek + 4 U.S. Institutions :

  1. Technical University of Crete – University of Southern California
  2. University of Ioannina – Columbia University
  3. Harokopio University – Rutgers University
  4. Ionian University – University of Texas Health Houston

Virtual Agora 

Next Steps: SiG & IIE 

Why This Event Matters

Global Impact

A transformative initiative that catalyzes international partnerships, fostering global citizenship, knowledge exchange, and cultural enrichment on a global scale.

Strengthening Bonds

It’s an opportunity to enhance the already existing ties between U.S. and Greek universities.

Education Beyond Borders

We believe in the power of education to transcend borders and promote universal values.


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