Discover the History of Peloponnese

From Mycenae to Mystras

Course Fee: EUR 850,-/10 days – no additional admin fee or VAT tax charged
Course fee includes:

Lectures and Workshops

Guided tours

Visits to museums


Course materials


Catering during the course

Course Overview

Peloponnese – the island of Pelops is the ideal place for someone who loves History. This land, which hosted the labors of Hercules, and echoes the Greek Revolution, also constitutes a colorful tableau created by the civilizations which left their footprints on the peninsula. Within the framework of this multicultural fusion, Ancient Greek Mythology meets the aesthetics of the Venetians, the Olympic spirit coexists with the holly spirit of Byzantium, and the Spartans meet the Slavs. Of course, the principal cultural aspect is the Ancient Greek. Hence, shifting from the beginning of its ancient past to the contemporary era, the current program aims to give participants a holistic view of the Peloponnesian History, and make them feel the magic vibe of its legendary as well as multicultural environment.


Module 1 (Theory) – Lecture, open dialogue: Mycenae –lion gate – the gate of Europe – symbolic reflections and historic realities

Module 2 (Theory) – Lecture, open dialogue: Mystras – the wonder of Moreas – between art and war

From William of Villehardouin to the last Byzantine emperor Constantine Palaiologos

Module 3 (Theory) – Lecture, open dialogue: Olympia – harmony and glory – under the eyes of Apollo

Sound mind in a sound body

Module 4 (Theory) – Lecture, open dialogue: Sparta – The history of the city of Leonidas – resistance and pride  

The Spartan philosophy of life

Visits and Tours

Visit and guided tour to the Acropolis of Athens

Visit and Guided tour to Ancient Epidaurus

Visit and guided tour to the Lion Gate and the Mycenae Museum

Guided tour to the city of Sparta

Visit and guided tour to Mystras

Visit and guided tour to Monemvasia

Visit and guided tour to Ancient Olympia and the Olympia Archeological Museum

Additional services in Athens and Sparta:
Accommodation arrangement
Airport transfer to the hotel
Cultural activities

After the Course:

Course evaluation form
Course materials in electronic form / Other materials for self-study and dissemination of good practice

Year 2021

Athens – Sparta

5.7 – 15.7 2021

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