AUTh student won the first place at the World Biennale of Student Photography

The first place, among 170 students from all over the world, was won by the student of the Film Department of AUTh Vassilis Pantelidis, in the 8th World Biennial of Student Photography, organized by the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad. The ongoing photography project titled “Monologues” consists of a series of conceptual self – portraits. It is the result of editing heterogeneous episodes tracing the human condition; the result of fermenting the tragic and comic parts of life. The individual scenes adopt a theatrical approach where abstraction, paradox, absurd and repetition weave a claustrophobic thread around the human subject, without offering any sort of redemption or solution. The setting indicates an unknown place; the place of existential quest and metaphysical human agony levitating between the truth and the fiction of existence, the contingency and the uncertainty of life while embellished with sarcasm and irony. Monologues of a tragic comedy or a comic tragedy.

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