AUEB’s Double Degree International Student

AUEB’s very first Double Degree International Student!

AUEB’s very first double degree student is Lara Nichetti! Lara is now completing her double master’s degree in finance and statistics, which consists of two degrees: a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Pavia and a Master of Science in Statistics from AUEB.

Lara expressed her excitement and satisfaction with her whole AUEB educational experience, saying, “One thing I really liked was that the professors gave us projects to work on and made us turn in reports.” I was able to study the course material more thoroughly and acquire efficient time management as a result.

The head of AUEB’s statistics department, Professor Ntzoufras, expressed his happiness that our wish had come true. “AUEB currently offers new, integrated postgraduate programs that are modern and international. This is the outcome of years of arduous labor, teamwork, and discussions. Our first student from the University of Pavia, Lara, stood out for her remarkable personality and academic performance. Beyond the curriculum, I really enjoyed how Lara engaged with the other students and made lifelong friendships. Two of our students—the first AUEB DD students to graduate—will be attending classes at the University of Pavia this academic year, and I’m interested in learning more about their experiences.

This marks the start of a new era in which more foreign students will come to study in our top-notch postgraduate programs at AUEB and the Department of Statistics.

We are incredibly proud of these projects, which offer cutting-edge Double Degree Studies and cultural interaction as educational options.

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Listen to Lara’s Testimonial below:

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