AUEB: Summer school in collaboration with Michigan State University

In the context of implementing its internationalization goals, the Athens University of Economics and Business successfully organized the first International Summer School on Digital Business, in collaboration with the Michigan State University Eli Broad College of Business.

This is a collaboration between AUEB and one of the leading Universities in the USA and its School of Business Administration, which, in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs systematically ranks among the top. More specifically, both the full-time MBA and undergraduate programs of the Eli Broad College of Business are ranked among the top 20 public business schools in the US.

The summer school was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics and Business, took place in Athens and Syros, and had as its subject “Digital Business” (DigBiz). 27 students from Michigan State University had the opportunity to interact with cutting-edge technologies and learn about current digital marketing issues. At the same time, through visits to companies as well as lectures, participants learned how to turn an excellent idea into an ambitious start-up. To successfully complete the program and receive credits from the OPA, students were asked to submit a group assignment whose final deliverable was a business plan.

The program was delivered by academics from AUEB and abroad, as well as experienced practitioners from the field of digital business.

Commenting on the summer school, the Vice Rector of International Cooperation and Growth at AUEB Prof. Vasilis Papadakis said: ‘The overwhelmingly positive evaluation of the summer program by its participants is the best guarantee that this new collaboration between AUEB and a leading US University has the prospect to develop into a long-term successful partnership. Congratulations to the colleagues from the Department of Marketing and Communication at AUEB, who planned and implemented it effectively. AUEB’s strategic goal is to create summer programs with leading international universities, in thematic areas covered by our university.

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