AUEB announces collaboration with Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

The Athens University of Economics and Business announced the beginning of collaboration with Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, one of the top 25 Business Schools in the US according to Forbes, QS and U.S. News and World Report.

Collaboration will commence through a project that brings together 22 undergraduate students from each institution to work on a project involving a Greek start-up Company. The initial idea came from Indiana’s Professor Tatiana Kolovou and was endorsed by Professor Ash Soni, Executive Associate Dean of Academic Programs at Indiana University and by Professor Vassilis Papadakis, Vice-Rector of International Cooperation and Growth at AUEB.

Students from all four departments from AUEB’s School of Business Administration were selected to participate. The pool of selected students will be divided into mixed groups consisting of both US and Greek students and will be given the task to study a rapidly growing Greek startup.

Professors Kolovou and Papadakis have already worked together with the CEO of the Greek start-up in order to create a case study and a number of assignment questions. Starting at the end of April students from both sides will network online and establish relationships among their assigned teams to proceed with their case assignments.

AUEB students will be given access to Indiana’s canvas learning management system dedicated to this project, Indiana’s electronic library as well as other resources referring to the Greek startup

US and Greek students are expected to spend a week after Easter, working on the assignment. At the end all groups will present their work to the company management team, to Prof. Kolovou and to Professors from the four AUEB departments (i.e. Profs. Papadakis Spyrou, Stathakopoulos, and Voudouri) and be evaluated for the quality of their analysis and suggestions. AUEB students will receive a Certificate of Participation from Kelley School of Business and Kelley students will get a Certificate from AUEB.

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