Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Department of Informatics awarded within the framework of the 4th Greek Inventor Competition organized by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization

One more prestigious award goes to the School of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Associate Professor Nikos Pleros and the members of his interdisciplinary Wireless and Photonics Systems and Networks (Win.Phos, research group at C.I.R.I.-A.U.TH. Dr. Tsiokos Dimitrios, Dr. Dabos George and Dr. Ketzaki Dimitra were awarded among the most important Greek Inventors within the frame of the 4th Greek Inventor Competition organized by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization. This award was granted for their patent on an “Integrated Plasmo-Photonic Biosensor and Method of Use” with a patent no. 1009480 and a date of submission at 17.02.2017, which was selected among a total number of approximately 200 applications. This patent refers to the design and development method of an integrated plasmo-photonic biosensor that utilizes the properties of light within an integrated optical circuit for detecting biochemical analytes. After its first experimental demonstration within the frame of a European H2020 research project, this patent was licensed to the start-up company Bialoom that is currently targeting its commercial application for the detection and diagnosis of sepsis. This award confirms both the continuous effort of the Department for connecting their research with the industrial needs as well as the strong credentials of the Department in the field of computer hardware, highlighting the worldwide-recognized leading position of the School both in the fields of Informatics as well as in the field of Computer Engineering. Details about the award can be found here, while the award ceremony including the talks given by Dr. Tsiokos and Prof. Pleros after minute 26:00 can be watched here

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