Application for Silk Road & Young Dreams is extended to May 31.

Application for Silk Road & Young Dreams now is extended to May 31.

Some information about The 3rd Silk Road & Young Dreams – Health: Youth Dream, Social Responsibility:


Silk Road & Young Dreams, a youth-oriented cultural exchange project along the Silk Road, is jointly hosted by Silk Road CitiesAlliance, China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, Beijing Belt and Road Cooperative Community and Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China. The fundamental goal of the project is to provide the youth of countries and regions along the Silk Road who have different backgrounds and dreams, with a stage to shine with talents and potentials, a platform to feel the pulse of the present era and share dreams, as well as a bridge to link up societies.The first and second events were respectively held in August 2018 and April 2019 in Beijing with nearly 1000 participants from more than 70 countries. In 2020, Chinese Urban Sculpture Artists Association (CUSAA) will be added as a co-organizer.

“Silk Road & Young Dreams” greatly enhances the people-to-people connection among the youth along the Silk Road. Once launched, its rich content and flexible format have been well received by young people.It is decided that on August 12th -14th, 2020,the 3rd Silk Road &Young Dreams will be held. It is also determined to further expand its content and enhance its quality, making it a supporting project for the “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2021”.

Theme of the 3rd Silk Road & Young Dreams

Health: Youth Dream, Social Responsibility

Health is a common pursuit of humankind, and also the eternal theme resonating with people along the Silk Road throughout history. The health issues, regardless of the Public Health Emergency of International Concern such as Ebola epidemic, Zika epidemic and the novel corona virus outbreak, or researches on prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of the AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, heart disease, diabetes and others, highly draw the public attention. People from different nations and culture have never stopped the exploration of the science of life and health.

Health cooperation carries the aspirations of people for a healthy life and is also an important part of the “Belt and Road” construction. In June 2016, President Xi proposed to work together on building a “Healthy Silk Road”, to deepen international health cooperation, and to improve the welfare of the public. In the past four years, with the joint efforts of the Silk Road countries, “Belt and Road” health cooperation has yielded fruitful results, and effectively promoted the development of global health services.

The 3rd Silk Road & Young Dreams takes “health” as its theme, and encourages the young people to elaborate the understanding, researches, observation, and suggestions on “healthy food, healthy life, healthy psychology, healthy society, healthy environment, public health emergency mechanism, health cooperation on the Belt and Road”, so as to show the responsibility of youth in participating in global health governance.

You can read more information here.

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