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How To Apply

  1. Please take a look at the official instruction of the Ministry of Education Research and Religious Affairs  and make sure that you meet the requirements needed.  

  2. Gather all the documents needed, that have described in the document above.

  3. Get an Apostille Convention stamp for all the documents from the competent authorities of your country. Please make sure that your country is a member of the Hague Convention. Degrees, certifications and certificates that are issued in countries that have been contracted to the Hague Convention but Greece has objected to their contraction such as Albania, Mongolia, Peru and Kyrgyzstan must be validated for the signature authenticity of the undersigned person by a Greek diplomatic authority abroad. The validation should be on the original document.

  4. Get an official approval of these documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Greek embassy of your country.

  5. Get your documents translated in Greek using the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a lawyer certified for translations.

  6. Certify your documents in the embassy of your Country in Greece.

  7. After the gathering of all the documents you can visit the website of Ministry of education to submit your registration electronically.

  8. Choose the departments of your interest:
    a. Max. 20 departments of one scientific field if your school follows the curriculum of a non-European country
    b.Max. 40 departments of two scientific fields if your school follows the curriculum of a European country.

  9. Send all the documents to the address specified at the ministry of education website after the application.

  10. Wait for the results. Usually the release date is around late August.

Are you accepted?


Are you from a European Union member Country?


Do you know Greek (B2 Certification is required)?


Enjoy your studies!


i. Register at school of philosophy (Athens or Thessaloniki) and attend Greek language class for 8 months
ii. After passing the exams for the certification of Greek language you can finalize your registration at your department and start your Studies
iii. Enjoy your studies


You need a VISA. With a certification from the university that you’ve been accepted you can issue a student visa.


Thank you for choosing Greece for your studies. Please try again next year!


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