M.Sc. in Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures (ADERS)

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Offered by the School of Civil Engineering, NTUA (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Director of the Programme: Professor V. Koumousis

Interviewing the Director of the Programme


  • What are the main object and the scientific fields of the Programme?
    • The Programme addresses the need to educate qualified Civil Engineers, who are interested in specializing further in the field of structural analysis and design of concrete, steel or masonry structures and foundations, under seismic excitation.
  • How is the Programme constructed?
    • In order to fulfill the requirements, students should attend a total of ten (10) courses offered during the Winterand Spring Semesters. In addition, a Thesis must be submitted, followed by an oral presentation at the end of the last semester. The Programme is equivalent to 90 ECTS.
  • What are the entry requirements of the Programme?
  • Applicants must possess a 4-year or a 5-year degree in Civil Engineering offered by an accredited Engineering School.  They should also have certified knowledge of the English language.
  • Does the Programme prefer applicants immediately out of undergraduate programmes or do they prefer applicants with work experience?
  • Both categories are welcome to join the “ADERS” Programme.
  • What is the estimated time to complete the program?
  • The minimum duration of studies is three (3) semesters and the maximum two (2) years including the completion of the Postgraduate Thesis.
  • What professional prospects are opened for the graduates?
  • Graduates of the Programme succeed in their carrier in the private and public sector and more specifically in medium to large scale design projects.
  • What aspects of the Programme are you currently working to improve and how?
  • New courses related to signal processing methods for analyzing the earthquake records and also analysis that accounts for plasticity and fracture mechanics theories as well as limit and incremental plastic analysis of structures with emphasis to monuments are offered by the Programme.
  • What are the goals you have set as Director of the Programme?
  • The main goal is to maintain the quality of the curriculum keeping the balance between the current trends in theoretical and computational methods and the modern design considerations.
  • How does your faculty score in major rankings?
  • The Civil Engineering School of NTUA ranked 7th in the world and 3rd in Europe according to Shanghai Rankings 2018.
  • Do you have residential facilities?
  • NTUA has Dormitories for the students, which are situated inside the campus.
  • What campus amenities are accessible to students?
  • All members of NTUA, including postgraduate students, have access to NTUA’s library, restaurant and the gym.
  • What types of financial aid are offered?
  • All postgraduate students enrolled in ADERS M.Sc. Programme are provided with scholarships covering their Tuition Fees.


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