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International Hellenic University - The first Greek public university where all programmes are taught exclusively in English!

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The International Hellenic University (IHU) was established in October 2005 by Law No. 3391 and is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The IHU is Greece’s first public university where programmes are taught exclusively in English.

The University is financed by the European Union and the Greek State. The three central tenets of the IHU’s philosophy are academic excellencepractical relevance and international outlook. The University specializes in offering postgraduate programmes aimed at international students who are interested in studying in Greece but also at Greek students seeking an international outlook. The language of both instruction and administration for all of its programmes is English. The IHU’s target is to develop as one of Europe’s leading research and academic institutions. As a state university, all degrees awarded are accredited by the Government and are recognized in the European Union and internationally.


The University already attracts a strong international academic faculty and outstanding students from countries as diverse as Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cameroon, FYROM, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sudan, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA.

The University is situated on a 16,000m² campus outside Thessaloniki, specifically developed to facilitate modern learning methods. The city of Thessaloniki, named after the sister of Alexander the Great,  is the second largest in Greece and has an uninterrupted history of 2,300 years. It is also the city with the highest numbers of University students.  Famous for its lively streets, vibrant night life and cultural signature, Thessaloniki is also the perfect cosmopolitan destination for any visitor.  Throughout time, the city has been a crossroads for five different cultures: the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish. Despite some turbulent encounters, these merged and flourished peacefully, creating a truly cosmopolitan city in South East Europe, with a population today of more than one million people.


The University comprises three Schools:

  1. School of Economics, Business Administration & Legal Studies
  2. School of Humanities
  3. School of Science and Technology

Each School offering specialist programmes in cutting edge disciplines taught by leading instructors: the School of Economics, Business Administration & Legal Studies, the School of Humanities and the School of Science & Technology.

You are welcome to browse below and explore the different programmes on offer within each School:


School of Economics, Business Administration & Legal Studies


School of Humanities


School of Science and Technology


To apply for graduate studies, please click here.

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University Campus

Address: 14th km Thessaloniki - Moudania

Postal Code: 57001 Thermi, Greece

For information on how to get to the International Hellenic University click here.

Official Website of International Hellenic Univeristy


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