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Summer School in Ancient Technology 2017

A Summer School by International Hellenic University.


Progress and innovation in technology were of exceptional importance for the development of ancient societies and have been of great interest to many disciplines. This year, the International Hellenic University Summer School is focusing on Ancient Technology and the Voyage of Luxuries offering the opportunity to study how technological achievements of ancient cultures facilitate luxurious activities; luxury as a social practice is exclusive per se. Based on the processes of the integration of those who belong to a certain elite group, but also on the exclusion of those who don’t, it is actually a social identifier throughout Antiquity. Subjects such as how the diffusion of improved infrastructural, organizational and mechanical technologies facilitated the production and distribution of luxury items (e.g. faience, glassware, jewelry, ceramics, toreutics, etc) or how the invention and transfer of new technologies served the needs of the ancient societies for prosperity, hence luxury, will be discussed.

In the course of the programme, the latest historical research along with state-of-the-art scientific techniques applied to the analysis of archaeological findings will be presented by senior academics and field archaeologists who are experts in their research areas

The Summer School on Ancient Technology is planned to be held annually with the aim of a) providing an international forum on technological achievements of the ancient Greek world and b) making greater use of the rich resources of Greece in terms of specialists in ancient technology research.

The aim of this 2-week intensive School is to make the participants more acquainted with aspects of ancient technologies by providing up-to-date knowledge presented and discussed by the experts of the relevant fields.



  • Early Glass: Cutting-edge technologies and luxury items 
  • Craft production in the Mycenaean palatial records
  • Luxury and Coinage
  • The circulation of ceramics as containers and/or luxury items
  • Luxury Toreutics: Vagaries of Life-Style and Diplomacy
  • Bathing systems in Classical and Hellenistic Greece. The case of the ancient Pella Bath structures. 
  • Paintings and mosaics in ancient Greece and  Hellenistic Macedonia
  • Sculptures adorning Roman Monumental Structures 
  • Designing for luxury on the Bay of Naples
  • Luxury for the laity: the Propylaia of the Acropolis at Athens 
  • Geophysical methods in the detection of buried antiquities
  • Early capital investment in land transport  of metals and textiles
  • Prestige transactions? The travel of Linear B inscribed transport stirrup jars
  • Evidence of cargoes from a Bronze Age shipwreck 
  • The Antikythera Shipwreck: the route, the cargo and the Mechanism 
  • Harbors and Harbor cities in antiquity 
  • Modern technology in documenting, exhibiting and teaching arts and antiquity; delicate artworks and their virtual travel

For the period of 2 weeks (Monday to Friday) 18 lectures will be offered (10.00-12.30 hrs & 14.00-16.30 hrs). Total duration 50 hours, plus hours for Museum and Site Visits. All lectures will be in English and will be held at the International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece.


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