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MSc in International Shipping, Finance & Management

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The MSc program aims to offer postgraduate education and training to graduate students and executives that wish to work or are currently employed in the sectors of Shipping, Finance and Management, and aim to advance to the highest levels of the international market via an English-speaking graduate training program, which is highly acclaimed.


  1. Ranked 5th in the World by Eduniversal 2019 Masters ranking
  2. Exemptions from exams from Professional Organisations such as HSA and ICS
  3. International cooperation with International Maritime Universities
  4. Prestigious organisation of International Conferences (such as IAME 2019)
  5. Award winnings from organisations such as Equal Society for our social responsibility


The program’s international profile is strengthened through a modern, well-structured program, laboratory classes, case studies, workshops, teaching, visits to companies, seminars and conferences.

It is addressed to graduates with officially recognized undergraduate degrees in areas such as Economics, Finance, Management, Law, Science, Engineering.


The postgraduate program leads to the award of a Master’s of Science (MSc) degree and offers:

  1.  12-months full-time program, designed to meet the needs of graduates, with lectures taking place mainly during the morning or in the afternoon.
  2.  24-months part-time program, designed to meet the needs of business executives, where lectures are conducted in the evenings.

The MSc program offers:

  1. Postgraduate study in an International Maritime Centre, in Greece – with the highest ownership (in tonnage) in the World and hundreds of companies located here
  2. The opportunity to study at AUEB, a top School for Economics and Business in Greece and Internationally recognized for its quality of education, research and training
  3. An MSc program qualification officially recognized by the Greek State
  4.  academic program taught by world class professors - all with PhD’s, constantly reviewed to fit the needs of the industry
  5. Placements of students with companies at the end of the taught part of the program
  6. Visits to companies and organizations
  7. Executive guest speakers from the industry and specialized Workshops
  8.  of state-of-the-art laboratory providing access to major databases, newspapers, periodicals and academic journals related to shipping, finance and management
  9. Scholarships available to suitable applicants
  10. Academic excellence prizes, awarded to students at the end of the full and part time programs
The program has a rolling admissions procedure, conducted in three rounds, with the following deadlines:
  • 1st round, Friday 28th of February 2020
  • 2nd round, Friday 10th  of April 2020
  • 3rd round, Monday 8th  of June 2020


Places available are limited and applications are evaluated with priority order.


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