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Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Environmental Sciences

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The post-graduate course aims to train students in environmental sciences through taught courses and applied research (90 ECTS) and lasts for a minimum of three academic semesters (October 2019- February 2021). The first semester includes taught courses on Research Methods, Design & Implementation and Advanced Seminars with one of the Department’s three sections (Environmental
Engineering & Science; Applied Ecology; or, Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities), at the Department’s facilities on Lesvos, Greece.For the next two semesters the students will undertake their individual research with the aim of producing and delivering: (a) an original research paper which will be submitted for publication at an international research journal (b) a written thesis which will be submitted to the Department of Environment, University of the Aegean. During the research semester students may be located wherever it is deemed appropriate.The undertaken research should fall within one of the following, Departmental research foci:

  •   Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology
  •             Wastewater Treatment and Valorization
  •             Water resources
  •             Energy and Climate Change
  •             Biodiversity and Conservation
  •             Ecology and Ecosystem Management
  •             Environmental Communication
  •             Environmental Politics, Policy and Sociology
  •             Corporate Social Responsibility
  •             Environmental Management Systems
  •             Sustainability Reporting
  •             Regional Planning and Sustainable Impact Assessment (in islands)
  •             Sustainable Tourism and Destination (in islands)
  •             Integrated environmental assessment (in islands)

Applicants should either hold a Higher Education (University or Technical Education) degree in a relevant discipline or should have finished their undergraduate studies by M.Sc.’s commencement date. Applicants holding degrees awarded from non-Greek institutions have to submit a DOATAP validation certificate either during the expression of interest procedure or anytime during the entire duration of their studies, but definitely before completing the Program (February 2021).All expressions of interest will be initially evaluated by an Evaluation Committee on a number of criteria such as: degree classification/mark; undergraduate thesis classification/mark; publications in scientific journals; oral presentation in scientific conferences; research-oriented work experience; and, reference letters. Suitable applicants will be invited to an interview, either in person or through teleconferencing, until June 26, 2019.
The Deadline for the submission of Expressions of Interest is June 23, 2019:
Supporting Documents

  1.  Template for the Expression of Interest
  2.  Complete CV
  3.  Official transcript of academic degree (or, an officially stamped affirmation that the applicant will produce the official transcript of his/her degree before formal enrolment with the course).
  4.  An officially stamped transcript of the academic degree (which should include the exact average mark of the degree).
  5.  Scientific papers, presentations or distinctions (If any)
  6.  An extended abstract of their under-graduate/other thesis
  7.  Proof of professional or research experience (if any)
  8.  A photocopy of passport/identity card.
  9.  Two reference letters (form available through the webpage* –do not use any other form!), one of which should come from the applicant’s former academic tutors.
  10.  Official proof of knowledge of the English language (B2 level or higher)
  11.  Official proof of knowledge of any international language
  12.  Finally, candidates may submit any other information which, in their view, might further support their expression of interest, so that the Evaluation Committee can more completely assess their candidateship.

Up to 20 students will be admitted to the M.Sc. course for the year 2019-2020. Successful applicants are required to deposit a €1000 tuition fees for the entire duration of the Program.Tuition fees are paid in two (2) installments, €500 each, at the beginning of each of the first two semesters of study.

The Expressions of Interest shall be submitted either to the Secretariat Office or through https://nautilus.aegean.gr, following the instructions provided by https://nautilus.aegean.gr/applicant_manual.pdf.
For the template for the Expression of Interest and any other information please visit/contact:

Master of Science in «Environmental Sciences»
University of the Aegean, Department of Environment,
University Hill, 81100, Mytilene, Lesvos Island, Greece
tel.: 22510.36246 – 22510.36212, fax: 22510.36209

* Documents available at: http://www.env.aegean.gr/spoudes/metaptixiakes/m-sc-



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