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  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in Ancient Greece

Greece is known for its rich heritage in philosophy politics and economics. Democracy was “born” by the ancient Greek political and philosophical thought in the city-state of Athens during classical era. Many lessons can be learnt from ancient times, from the aspect of politics and economics to the way of thinking and we conceive ideas and gain wisdom.

Hosting: Altium Training- Study in Greece


  • Leaders of Tomorrow

Our world is in need of new leaders that will guide us to a prosperous future. Titles do not make someone a true leader. A leader is defined by his actions and qualities. Learn from true leaders how to “ascend” intellectually and become one of them. Learn the defining characteristics of leadership that will help you stand out and excel.

Hosting: Altium Training- Study in Greece


  • Greek Cultural Heritage in Nafplio

A journey from Athens Center to the historic city of Nafplio in Peloponnese, the first capital of Greece.  Α blessed city with the floating palace “Palamidi” in the steep hills, to the “The Fortress Island” called “Mpourtzi”. Visit of the ancient theatres of Argus and Epidaurus. A journey into the greek traditions, drama and music.

Hosting: University of Peloponnese - Study in Greece


  • Explore the “Mycenaean Civilization”

Heinrich Schliemann undertook the first modern archaeological excavations in Greece at the site of Mycenae in 1876. Now, it is your turn to participate in a journey for the discovery of this civilization and its remainings. Along with archaeologists you can experience the joy of excavations and discovery along with knowledge about ancient Greece.

Hosting: University of Peloponnese - Study in Greece


  • Earth – Sun – Soil: A wine tasting experience

Greece is famous for its wines around the world. Study in Greece offers a journey to the ancient art of wine making. From the vineyard, to the pressing by foot, to the barrel and finally, to our glasses. Wine history, implementation of techniques to produce and mature it, but also enjoy it.

Hosting: Altium Training- Study in Greece


  • Elia (Olive) and Mediterranean diet

Olive oil was used to anoint kings and athletes in ancient Greece. It was the "eternal flame" of the original Olympic Games. Victors in these games were crowned with its leaves. Olive and olive is one of the most important ingredients of Mediterranean diet. During the programme, participants will learn about the benefits of Mediterranean diet as long as the procedure of oil making.

Hosting: University of Peloponnese - Study in Greece


  • The Labours of Hercules

An adventure following the journey of the legendary demi-god Hercules. Visit of the places the labours took place. From the ancient Stymphalia and Nemea in Peloponnese, to the initiation in the Eleusinian Mysteries, before the last labour in the gates of “Hades”. An epic journey that encapsulates the Greek mythos of Hercules and ancient Greece.  

Hosting: University of Peloponnese - Study in Greece


  • A New Era for Greek Hospitality

A multidimensional guide through the various paths of the Greek hospitality industry under the prism of authenticity, innovation and entrepreneurship. From local food producers to big hospitality chains, participants are given the opportunity to learn and reflect upon the role of tourism stakeholders in the modern globalized setting.

Hosting: Metropolitan College - Study in Greece


  • Introduction to Shipping

An insight into the technical, economic and legal frameworks within which daily vital components of general shipping management operate. During the programme, participants will be exposed to the key business fundamental of managing across the industry so that they understand the role of shipping in world economy.

Hosting: Metropolitan College - Study in Greece


  • Energy and the Environment in the Mediterranean Sea

The impacts and vulnerability of the Mediterranean energy system in the face of the inevitable climate change in the region. The programme will provide participants with an insight into how development options in key sectors/resources can, in the long run strongly impact energy demand.

Hosting: Metropolitan College - Study in Greece


  • Holistic Approach to Sports Rehabilitation

An insight into the pathophysiological processes that take place in sports injuries, the physiotherapy assessment and treatment. The programme will blend in the nutritional and psychological aspects during the rehabilitation period and immediately after.

Hosting: Metropolitan College - Study in Greece


  • [In]Visible Athens: Experiencing Art and Architecture

An overview of the creative process within ancient and modern architecture and into the ways it weaves together art, inspiration and creativity. Participants will have the chance to see and articulate connections between ancient and modern art and architecture leading to crafting their own pieces in photography and collage.

Hosting: Metropolitan College - Study in Greece


  • Be Inspired by Greece: Filmmaking-made in Greece

An introduction to the basic filmmaking techniques with an emphasis on outdoors training and filming in the centre of Athens as well as in ancient and Byzantine locations. Emphasis will be placed on directing the camera for visual storytelling, with hands-on training in our studio utilizing production and post-production equipment along with casting well trained actors.

Hosting: Metropolitan College - Study in Greece


Programme fee:

  • With accommodation: To be announced

  • No accommodation: To be announced

  • Optional weekend excursions: To be announced


Programme fee covers lectures and seminars, certificate of attendance, optional accommodation, airport pick up and drop off, city travel pass, course material, farewell lunch and dinner, meals where applicable, field trips and co-curricular activities.

Fees do not cover personal travel costs (including travel costs from your departure point to Greece), meals other than those mentioned in the programme description, medical care or insurance, personal expenses and incidentals.


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