Operational Advisory Board

The mission of the "Operational Advisory Board", which consists of prestigious international academics researchers and professionals, will be to: contribute to the development of the strategic and operational planning of SiG’s initiatives; its promotion worldwide; its fundraising efforts, through sponsorships, European and other project proposals, etc.; its successful operation and expansion; the promotion of Greek studies and studies in Greece, with a view to establishing Greece as an international destination for education and educational activities and creating an educational and cultural bridge between Greece and abroad.

Miao Bin

Founder of Meet Culture and Muse Academy

Fields of expertise: Theatre and music education and performance, project curation.

  miaobin@outlook.com      www.miaobin.net

Miao Bin is a theatre actor and educator, musician and dancer. He is the founder of Meet Culture, a company focusing on culture exchange between Greece and China, and Muse Academy, the first educational institution of Greek music and theatre education in China. He is the postgraduate student of Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese and awarded by the Rector as the Ambassador to MA of Drama in Education. He is the Chinese Adviser to Municipality of Athens for Culture and Business Cooperation, and awarded by the Mayor of Athens as “Chief Chinese Friend of Athens”. He is the representative of Study in Greece, and work on the educational programs between Greece and China.He is a member of Beijing Youth Theatre Association.

Kokkos George

Fields of expertise: Historian. Tour leader

  contact@georgekokkos.com       George Kokkos

Having studied Ancient History and Archaeology both in Britain and in Greece, George Kokkos took part in different excavations, worked as a translator and a private tutor. Since 2010 he focuses solely on Educational Tourism. As an aspiring science popularize and indefatigable lecturer in academic or tourism settings, George's mastery is to make accessible complex and profound subject matter that can then be appreciated by an extremely broad audience. George has just published a guide to Ancient Greek philosophy, but his main focus the last five years is the Ancient Athenian Democracy and her impact on modern republics. George has lectured extensively on the subject of Democracy in schools, students from the US, universities, the European Commission Learning Centre etc.

Papaioannou Theodoros

Fields of expertise: Philosophy, International Affairs, Literature, Arts

  thodorist@gmail.com       theopap.com

Theodoros Papaioannou, PhD is an international affairs consultant, thinker and writer. He has worked as a professor of Greek Language and Civilization in France and as a responsible of communication and organization of cultural events at the organization “Maison de l’Europe de Montpellier” – France. He has a Bachelor on European and International Studies and a Master’s Degree on International Commerce. His PhD thesis, concerning the impact of the internet on the Greek society, constitutes an avant-garde research which ties together philosophy, technology, anthropology and sociology. Apart from his scientific publications, he has also published a poetry book and a novel. As responsible for the scientific cooperation at “Study in Greece”, he is shaping and monitoring the scientific projects – programs and activities of the organization, which aim to promote communication and cooperation between Greek and international academic organizations.


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