MSc in “Media and Refugee / Migration Flows”

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In today’s world, information plays a significant role in our lives –both public and private– as it determines our perception of the world. The internet and the social media platforms create a new media landscape, pluralistic and confusing at the same time, within the framework of which emancipation meets manipulation. Are we able to find transparency in the realm of fake news? Can we approach truth and objectivity, especially as far as it concerns sensitive and crucial subjects of our epoch such as migration / refugee crisis, so as to enrich our knowledge, and to shape our social consciousness accordingly?  

In an effort to respond to the needs of this rapidly changing and demanding reality, the Department of Communication and Media Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in collaboration with the Department of Sociology of the University of the Aegean, join forces in order to organise and operate for the academic year 2021-2022 an Intensive Postgraduate Programme (IPP) MSc in “Media and Refugee / Migration Flows”. The Programme awards a Postgraduate Diploma in the following specializations:

  • S1:“News media of refugee flows”
  • S2: “Communication management of refugee / migration flows”

S3: “Cultural Mediators” will be offered the next academic year

The purpose and objectives of the intensive Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme is the postgraduate training of graduates executives from the private and public sector in communication, media and journalism, regarding valid and objective information of citizens. Additionally, the IPP will provide opportunities to students wanting to investigate the communication management of refugee/migration flows in order to promote a positive response to the ongoing tensions and crises created at national and cross-national level.

The graduation from the IPP requires the successful completion of the semester courses, the mandatory participation in the Summer School on Lesvos Island, and the successful completion of a master thesis.

The duration of the IPP, which awards a Postgraduate Diploma, is two (2) academic semesters, without summer break. An extension may be requested with an application by the student to the Special Interdepartmental Committee (SIC), however the maximum permissible time for the completion of studies is three (3) semesters.

This is a call for the academic year 2021-2022 for a maximum of forty (40) available positions, twenty (20) available positions for specialization 1 (S1) and twenty (20) available positions for specialization 2 (S2).

Deadline for applicants of countries outside of the EU/EEA: 03/08/2021

Deadline for applicants of EU/EEA countries: 30/08/2021

The tuition fees for the IPP amounts to 2.800€ for students for EU/EEA countries, distributed in two equal instalments of 1,400€ each. The tuition fees for students from countries outside of the EU/EEA amounts to 6.000€, distributed in two equal instalments of 3.000€ each.

The first instalment is due upon registration prior to the winter semester, and the second instalment has to be accomplished not later than the last day of the first week of the spring semester. In case of permanent termination of study or student removal for any reason, the already paid attendance fees are not refunded. In case of reduced payment of school fees, the rate of reduction shall be applied equally to all instalments.

Selected students may apply for exemption from tuition fees by presenting an individual or family income tax statement of the latest available financial year. A tax clearance certificate (“ekkatharistiko” in Greek) is issued to all those stating their income, when they submit their tax declaration to Greek Tax Authorities. The exempted students should not exceed 30% of the selected participants. Those who receive a scholarship from another source are not eligible for exemption.

Candidates for this IPP accomplished the first cycle of studies which would consist of 180 or 240 ECTS and have acquired degrees in Communication and Media Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Law Studies, or other relevant academic field, and holders of any undergraduate university degree in a field similar to the IPP. Graduates from faculties of Communication, Media and Journalism or similar in Greece and abroad are accepted by priority under the condition that they meet all other entry requirements. Foreign students are strongly advised to check the following website with a regularly updated list of foreign Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) recognized by DOATAP, the “Hellenic Naric”: (

Additional skills and educational credentials that will be submitted and considered should be formally granted. The finalisation of the participants follows a personal interview (Candidates residing outside Athens and abroad will be interviewed via Skype), and is based on the following criteria:

  • The overall grade of the postgraduate degree/diploma: 20%.
  • Adequate knowledge of the English language:15%.
  • Possession of a second degree and/or other postgraduate degrees in a subject related to the IPP or relevant publications:15%.
  • Related specialization to the field of the IPP, research activity and/or professional experience (participation in conferences, participation in research or educational programmes): 20%.
  • Personal interview by the committee in order to ascertain the academic experience, performance, and interests of the candidates and is evaluated on a 1-10 scale: 30%.

The candidates may be invited again to a follow-up interview, in the event of a tie for the last position.

For the application procedure the candidates are invited to submit in time the following documents:

  • Completed application form (to be downloaded from the programme’s website)
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (two sides) or Passport
  • Detailed CV with photo preferably in Europassformat
  • Copy of degree certified by recognized entity, such as a university, local authority, consulate, police, and lawyer or similar depending on national law (please make sure to visit the website of the “Hellenic Naric”, the official Greek certificating institution for foreigndegrees)
  • Certified copy of gradestranscript
  • Proof of advanced knowledge of English language (corresponding to C1 level), demonstrated by an internationally recognized certificate or

English-taught degrees from secondary/tertiary educational institutions or proof of working experience in an English- speaking environment.

  • Two letters of recommendation, of which at least one must be from academic person (scholar, university professor, researcher, etc).
  • Copy of thesis of the completed first cycle study (or title and a summary thereof if incomplete by the time of application or reference that it is not mandatory for the candidate’s first cycle programme) should be sent viamail.
  • Academic papers, published either in journals or in the proceedings of international conference proceeding should be sent via mail.
  • Any other relevant information may be submitted, such as letter of intent, volunteer programs, etc. (discretion of applicant).

Interested parties can be consulted on the IPP’s ( website on the structure of the IPP, rules of operation and any subject related to the way and procedure of their selection.

Greek graduates of foreign universities are admitted to the MSc Programme provided they submit in due time a certificate of equivalence of their degree (or provide proof for their application thereof) from DOATAP, according to Law 3328/2005 (A’ 80) (

Applicants must submit in person or via postal service their completed application form and relevant documents (except for those specifically requested to be sent via mail) to the IPP Secretariat of the Department. The Secretariat accepts applications on working days from 10.00 am to 15.00 pm.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Department of Communication and

Media Studies Office of Postgraduate Studies

1 Sophocleous Str., 105 59 Athens

1 st floor, Room 104

Tel.: 0030 210 3689291, 210 3689290, 210 3689444


Oral assessments are scheduled during the first two weeks of September 2021. Participants will be informed for the exact time schedule of interviews. During the interview, you will have the opportunity to explain your interest in the topic of migration and refugee related subjects, choice to participate in the programme, and career goals. Moreover, you can describe in more detail your relevant professional, academic and personal experiences. You will also have the chance to learn more about the programme and could ask any remaining questions.Lectures and all other educational activities will begin the fourth week of September.

Head of the Department of Communication and Media Studies

*Professor George Pleios

Application Form


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