7 Reasons to Study in Greece and Live the Greek Dream

Vangelis Kotselas, Social Media Manager

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for students and this is why we want to talk about the benefits of studying abroad. If you like to learn about what really matters in the world, then studying in Greece will provide you with such an opportunity. You will be able to explore an ancient civilization and a rich cultural traditions that have been preserved for centuries. But this is not all Greece can offer you! There are many other reasons why one should study in Greece:

  1. Access to education: The Greek government has a commitment to higher education and has been investing in it for many years, with state-funded scholarships available for students from outside the EU. The quality of Greek universities is very high and they are continuously ranked among the best in Europe.
  2. Academic life: Academic life in Greece is very rich, with a wide variety of cultural events taking place at universities or nearby throughout the year. For example, there are summer festivals; theatre festivals; concerts; art exhibitions; seminars on current issues in science, economics, politics etc.; lectures by eminent scholars etc.
  3. Cultural events: Many cultural events take place at or nearby universities during the year – for instance, theatre festivals; concerts; art exhibitions; seminars on classical culture.
  4. Modern education and cutting edge research: Greek Universities invest in innovation and offer various programs related to the contemporary technological environment.
  5. Robust healthcare system: Health care is a universal right in Greece which ensures that people receive high quality care regardless of their economic status. It is not surprising that Greek people are largely satisfied with their healthcare system – it is one of the best in Europe.
  6. Highly educated population: People in Greece are highly educated with over the half of the adults achieving at least a secondary education. Furthermore, it’s one of the six European countries that have achieved literacy rates at 99% or higher. Greece has a population of 10.7 million inhabitants, with a high level of education. The country has invested heavily in its education system, and as a result, more than half of the adult population completed secondary education or higher, something that helps Greece to produce skilled workforce and to stay competitive in today’s demanding globalized world.
  7. The food: One of Greece’s strong points relates to its exceptional food. Greek cuisine has been influenced by other cultures and it contains many dishes find their origin in ancient times. The country is also known for its delicious sweets like, for example, the honey cake, loukoumades, and its pittas spanakopita.

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