2021 Silk Road Education Cooperation and Exchange Conference and the Greek vision

Highlighting that cultural exchange between two countries with ancient and splendid civilizations like Greece and China can provide fertile ground for cooperation and synergies in diverse fields including Higher Education, the Secretary – General of Higher Education of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religion Affairs Apostolis Dimitropoulos reaffirmed Greek state’s commitment to support the “Belt and Road” initiative.

During his video speech at “2021 Silk Road Education Cooperation and Exchange Conference” conference, Mr. Dimitropoulos – the mastermind of the Greek HE internationalization strategy, presented the main goals of the cooperation between Greece and China in the vital field of Higher Education placing emphasis on the promotion of the communication and cooperation between the two countries universities through the creation of joint and dual undergraduate and postgraduate programs and the organization of summer schools. He also underlined the importance of the exchange visits of students, teachers and researchers by mentioning that the Greek Ministry of Education actively supports the establishment of an international center for the study of Chinese and Greek civilizations to promote mutual learning and research between the two cultures and share the ancient civilizations of China and Greece.

Furthermore, the Secretary-General of the Greek Ministry of Education expressed his hope that, after the COVID-19 pandemic, more Chinese teachers and students will visit and study in Greece to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.

It must be noted that 2021 Silk Road Education Cooperation and Exchange Conference opened in Xi’an on May 12th with more than 200 guests from home and abroad attending the opening ceremony. This prestigious Chinese educational conference constitutes one of the most important activities of the Fifth Silk Road International Expo. This year’s event will last for five days and consists of more 20 educational exchange sessions, and is dedicated to “Mutual Learning of Civilizations, Exchange and Sharing”.

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