2 Fulbright/Graduate Studies at Greek State Universities Award

Up to 2 grants are available to recent university and college graduates who would like to pursue a Master’s degree offered in English at a Greek State University during academic year 2024-2025.

This award supports enrollment at Master’s programs offered in English by Greek State Universities. 

The grant will provide up to 1500 USD in tuition and fees for studies through a Graduate Program in Greece for the first year only (2 semesters). Other expenses for the completion of the program must be borne on the applicant. 

The choice of program and discipline lies with the applicant. All fields are eligible. Students must also be officially admitted to the Greek graduate program of their choice in order to be granted Fulbright status and benefits. The application process is the sole responsibility of the applicant. To find Graduate Programs taught in English at Greek State Universities visit https://masters.minedu.gov.gr/Masters/index/en.

In order to be granted Fulbright status students must be admitted by a Graduate Program at a Greek State University by June 30, 2024.  

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