SiG to become Greece’s national agency for the internationalization of Higher Education

On Wednesday 22 March 2023 in Corfu, during a ceremony in the context of the 102nd Rectors’ Conference, organized by the Ionian University, the Rectors of all Greek Universities signed the bylaws of the new organization, Study in Greece, whose official establishment was decided during the 101st Conference in December 2022. This event was a vital milestone for the internationalization of the Greek Higher Education as it stresses the importance given by the Greek academic world in Higher Education’s extroversion and the benefits, potential and perspectives offered by a new collaborative framework. 

As envisioned by the 2022 “New Horizons for the Greek Higher Education” Law, Study in Greece is Greece’s official, national agency for the internationalization of Greek Higher Education institutions. Aimed at promoting Greek Higher Education abroad, and working in close collaboration with the Greek state, this new official body, consisting of representatives from all Greek public universities will constitute the most important instrument for the planning and implementation of the Greek Higher Education’s internationalization activities at country level. 

Taking into consideration that Greek public universities offer, today, a wide range of international study programs, attracting more and more international students to our country, the establishment of the new Study in Greece – national agency represents a significant shift. With a rich cultural heritage behind us and strength of our institutions we enter a moment of possibility, one that calls for Greece to be engaged with the world. United by a share commitment to academic excellence and embracing all the values that ensure it, we can build the legacy that Greek Higher Education deserves.

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